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Here are some of the many reasons why so many business owners have chosen SKP to handle their accounting and tax needs:

  • Unlimited Consulting. Become informed about what you can do to handle things now when problems are small and opportunities big. Get a briefing on how to save money and make money, gain confidence having a CPA on board reviewing key financial indicators with you. Receive expert advice to uncover potential “hidden goldmines” in your business that you are not even aware of.


  • Quick and Accurate Financial Statements. We will generate your Profit & Loss Statement quickly, honestly, and accurately, which will allow you to instantly Analyze Your Business with numbers you can trust.


  • QuickBooks Checkups. Learn how to put to effective use the most popular accounting software from our in-house QuickBooks experts. Our regular health checks ensure the integrity of the data and financial reports generated by the software. This is critical to reduce mistakes that can cost you money and lost time trying to reconcile.


  • Precise Tax Preparation Completed On Time. Your tax forms and worksheets will be submitted on time avoiding any chance of late penalties or fees. A team of experienced tax professionals is handling your information with meticulous care. Trained competent professionals will review your taxes several times for accuracy and completeness.


  • Personalized Tax Planning. Saving money on taxes is your goal and our highest priority. We recognize that your financial situation is unique and requires a personalized solution to provide the maximum amount of legal write-offs. You can expect to pay less in taxes and enjoy larger refund checks as a result of our diligent, year-round management of your tax-related finances. In fact, you’ll receive consultations regarding any major transaction that may trigger significant tax liabilities. Our in-the-trenches experience with the IRD will give you access to dozens of tips, tricks, and techniques to lower your taxes.


  • Refer-A-Business Cash Program. Offers RM200 Bucks for Every New Business Clients that retains our monthly service. SKP is the only accounting firm that offers this benefit to its clients. Over the years, we have found growing through referrals to be the most satisfying and rewarding method for us to grow our business. Each time you send us a business referral that signs with us, we will send you RM200 in the mail. There’s no limit to the amount of cash we send you. The more referrals you send us, the more money we give you.


  • Tax Reminder Services. Don’t you already have enough on your mind? Isn’t this one of the many reasons you hired an accounting firm? No more keeping tax deadlines in your head. Through our Tax Reminder Services, we will make sure you send us all the relevant information for us to prepare your tax filings timely. No more headaches of remembering dates and deadlines. No more penalties and interest due to late filings. You can now focus on what you do best; let us worry about tax deadlines.



  • Audit Representation. The chances are extremely remote, but what happens if your tax preparer makes a mistake that could incur penalties or interest? Suppose the IRD audits you? What if you’re not satisfied with the way your return was prepared? Our audit insurance allows you to receive skilled representation before the taxing authorities if we ever make a mistake on your taxes without it costing you a dime. Most important, you’ll enjoy total peace of mind knowing that you never EVER have to deal with the IRD alone.


  • Money Back Guarantee. Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can’t lose, 100%, no questions-asked, iron-clad money back guarantee. If you ever find that our tax and accounting professionals are not doing everything we can to help you. If you are not satisfied with our efforts to help you deal with the IRD, we want to give you your money back. PLUS we will give you RM100 ringgit for wasting your time. Now you can’t beat that!

So go ahead and call us today! You’ll be happy you did!